Sweet Potato Pancakes – 4 ingredients!

Sweet Potato Pancakes – 4 ingredients!

These are awesome for any meal – clean eating and gluten free, and they make your house smell amazing!  They are also perfect for older babies and toddlers – they aren’t quite as mushy as giving chunks of sweet potato (not quite so smear-able in the hair!) and they have eggs for added protein.

Sweet potato pancakes!

Ingredients (serves 1):
1 small-med sweet potato
2 eggs
1 tsp each cinnamon and vanilla

Pierce sweet potato a few times on each side and microwave 5-8 minutes until it’s cooked through.  I poke mine with a knife to see if it feels soft in the middle -if not back in for another minute or two.  After it’s done – cut open on a plate and let it cool for a few minutes.

After semi-cooled off, scrape out insides into a bowl (21 day fix – measure out 1 yellow container).  Add everything else in and mix well – it will be very thick – that’s ok.  Heat skillet or griddle to slightly below medium heat and add 1/2 tsp of coconut oil or butter.  Pour into whatever size pancakes you prefer- since the batter is very thick I usually spread it out after I pour it so they cook quicker, they take a few extra minutes on each side.  Enjoy!

21 day fix – counts as 1 yellow and 1 red

So my kids meals don’t always look like this.  Sometimes it’s a bowl of mac n cheese, or chocolate cheerios, or deli meat (gasp).  But when they do, I feel pretty awesome.
P.S.  He totally didn’t eat the peppers.  But they look nice…

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4 year old dinner – sweet potato pancakes, veggies and strawberries





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