Mt. Mitchell and Ricotta Pancakes

Mt. Mitchell and Ricotta Pancakes

If you live near the Charlotte area, or anywhere in North Carolina for that matter – I definitely recommend checking out Mt. Mitchell State Park.  It’s about 2.5 hours northwest of Charlotte; near the small town of Burnsville.  Also convenient to Asheville and the Pisgah National Forest (where some of Hunger Games was filmed)!  There is a ton of hiking in the area, waterfalls, etc, and you can drive or hike to the top of Mt. Mitchell.  Of course, the one full day we were there, it rained.  This is no surprise to those that know us, as it typically rains on every.single.trip that we plan.  But we drove up to Mt. Mitchell the morning before we left and it was beautiful.  That’s my husband below, also looking beautiful and wearing cool socks.


We stayed at Kroon’s Mountain Rentals– it worked perfectly for us because my parents met us there and they stayed a few days longer than we did, and the round house has 2 separate units.  It wasn’t the usual cabin-y feel we usually go for, but the views and location couldn’t be beat.  Bonus – the gravel road the house was on had a half mile loop that went up and around for a few other houses, nice for getting a jog in or taking the kids for an evening walk with no traffic.  Not that there’s much traffic out in Burnsville anyways – it’s quite rural ya’ll.  There is an awesome playground by the library though if you take the kiddos. And although the weather was a bummer, we did get treated to a rainbow after one of the showers.


On to the excitement of Ricotta Pancakes – can you tell I like breakfast?  Favorite meal of the day.  These were very easy, slightly sweet and mild tasting.  I’m going to take my friend Jill’s suggestion and whip the egg whites next time to make them fluffy along with adding some lemon zest and juice.   Blueberries would be a good addition too!  But here is the basic recipe:

1/2 cup old fashioned oats
1/2 cup part skim ricotta
2 eggs
1 teaspoon vanilla paste or extract

Blend everything together in blender or food processor, pour in silver dollar size pancakes onto medium griddle or skillet and cook to your liking!  Again, these were very mild, and although I did like them, next time I’m definitely going to jazz them up.  Maybe go wild with some cinnamon?  Let me know if you make a different variation that you love.

**Update as of 3/30/16** Add in 2 TBsp of fresh lemon juice and blueberries – these are AMAZING!  No syrup needed.

21 day fixers – if you eat all the pancakes (makes about 6) – it will be 2 yellow, 1.5 red.  I eat half and save half for the next day so 1 yellow, .75 red.

My photography and presentation skills really need work I know – but this is all I could manage this morning!082


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