Should I upgrade to 21 day fix extreme?

Should I upgrade to 21 day fix extreme?

You love 21 day fix!  You are still seeing great results – when should you upgrade to 21 day fix extreme??

I upgraded to 21 day fix extreme after 2 rounds of 21 day fix.  I think I did it a little too soon! I have better lower body strength than upper body strength from playing soccer, and 21 day fix was my first Beachbody workout.  My upper body strength and core strength was only built based on 2 rounds of 21 day fix, using 5lbs for my light weights and 8 lbs for my heavy weights.  I was still doing modifiers for push-ups (couldn’t get through the whole minute of regular push-ups, as well as a few others (maybe one a workout – not many – and could generally get through 30 seconds regular then modify for the rest or partial).

21 day fix extreme takes the moves from 21 day fix and builds on them.  For example, if you do lunges with weights in 21 day fix for a minute, in 21 day fix extreme, you will do lunges with weights for 30 seconds, then put the weights down and down lunges with jumps for 30 seconds.  That jumping is HARD but gives you killer legs!  Another example – in 21 day fix, you do push-ups for a minute.  In 21 day fix extreme, you are holding weights in your hands in a push-up position, and you do a push-up followed by a one hand row, holding in the plank position. You are working so many more muscle groups!  And for pilates, you do it with a resistance band.  Fire hydrants are hard enough by themselves – wait till you add a band in!

Did I get my butt kicked in 21 day fix extreme?  Yes.  I had to do a lot more modifiers and add in extra breaks.  Did I still get great results?  Yes, I felt like I lost weight easier since the workouts were tougher.  My legs got lean and tone, my arms and back gained muscle definition and the whole “V” shape in the abs got some definition!

Should you upgrade?  If you don’t mind pushing yourself to the max, it’s worth it in my opinion!  By week 3 I was still struggling, but definitely seeing improvement in many areas.  I’m trying out Brazil Butt Lift Carnivale right now to mix up my routine, but I will definitely be back to both 21 day fix and 21 day fix extreme at some point soon!



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