Goodbye, Easter bunny.

Goodbye, Easter bunny.

Do you still have Easter candy floating around your house?   Let’s get rid of it.  A few options for you below!

One – send it away.  Operation Shoebox sends candy to our heroes at home and worldwide. They just ask that the candy is heat resistance so they aren’t getting a mess of melted chocolate in the mail (they are located in Florida). Here is the address!

So I sent a big bubble mailer of some of our leftover Halloween, Valentine’s Day and Easter candy to clear some out of the house after Easter.

How to get rid of some of that chocolate you have still floating around – melt it down and use it as a dip or coating for fruit!  Last night I dug through our remaining candy and pulled out Hershey kisses, Andes mints(from Christmas!), chocolate bunnies and threw in some chocolate chips then melted it up in the microwave.


We dipped in some banana chunks, coated in sprinkles and threw them in the freezer for yummy treat!  Easy peasy and fun for a 4 year old.  He thoroughly enjoyed the task.  What did you do to get rid of your leftover candy?



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