If you wear white “sneakers” you ain’t hip!

If you wear white “sneakers” you ain’t hip!

A friend of a similar age to me (not old but not young) recently shared that the younger, trendier folks at her gym told her that white sneakers are totally out.  You must have a vibrantly colored pair of Nike’s.  And if you wear tube socks, which are IN (ankle socks are out) they also cannot be white. I don’t remember what color they should be, but not white, you loser.

I currently have a picture on my facebook profile background picture thing (You can check it out here, top right) in which I jokingly put on high white socks, thinking I was being comical, along with my yard sale acquired white saucony’s, which I wear to work out.  Then there were a number of comments about the fact that I actually bought and wore yard sale sneakers – which led to a facebook poll – in which it was pointed out that my yard sale sneakers, although a great deal, were worn in by someone else’s feet, not mine, affecting how they fit.


And, my feet have been bothering me sporadically wearing said shoes, so I stopped in at Run For Your Life in Charlotte to get a sneaker fitting.  They watched me walk and run and measured my foot, told me I pronated slightly (feet rolling in a little) when I ran, and said I was a 9 to a 9 1/2 and should get a stability shoe.  My yard sale shoes were a size 8.  Umm I guess that is why they bothered me, just a little!

Also, not a single pair of white running sneakers was sold at the store.  Not that I wanted white ones, I want to be hip and trendy!  I’m totally cool!   I tried on a pair of Saucony’s, Brooks and New Balance – the New Balance 860v were hands down the most comfortable – so that’s what I went with, in a trendy blue and green color (although these look slightly purple to me since I am color blind).  Voila – fresh kicks – ordered them off the New Balance site so I could say 15% along with free shipping – score.

So, are your shoes hip?  What ones are you sporting to the gym these days?




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