The Carb Crash

The Carb Crash

Have you ever felt nauseous and start getting a headache if you don’t eat right at traditional mealtimes?  I used to get this on a regular basis.  My husband knew – I was a cranky crazy if I didn’t eat on time.  I had to or I’d feel miserable.

Turns out this is probably something called non-diabetic hypoglycemia – simply put, having low blood sugar.  I didn’t have it to a serious degree which caused a migraine and I’m not diabetic, it always went away as soon as I ate something.  I didn’t know this was caused by my sugar-laden diet!  **I should note that I have not been to a doctor to have this diagnosed, this is purely a self diagnosis based on the results of a diet change and Dr. Google.**

When you consume carbohydrates (sugars), our bodies convert these carbohydrates into glucose (which is easier to use), and is then carried in the blood to whichever parts of the body need it. The brain requires a continuous supply of glucose from the blood in order to function, and if glucose levels drop (as in hypoglycemia) the brain is one of the first organs affected.

Headaches and migraine attacks caused by fasting may not always be due to hypoglycemia, for example they can be caused by the stress-hormones released by the body during fasting. They are also often triggered by dehydration and lack of sleep. Changes in caffeine intake, for example by drinking less tea or coffee, and changes in smoking frequency also often trigger headaches and migraines.


If your headaches/migraines appear to be triggered or exacerbated by low blood-glucose levels, you should be able to keep them under control by paying close attention to your diet. Hello, Clean Eating!  Small, frequent, low-sugar meals are ideal. Make sure you never miss breakfast or skip meals, and if you usually have sandwiches for lunch try having proper meals instead. If you have lunch early, have an afternoon snack so you don’t get hungry.


Also, try and improve the quality of your food by eating a balanced diet with more unrefined foods, fresh fruit and vegetables, and cut down on cakes, biscuits, ice cream and anything which makes you consume large amounts of sugar over a short period of time. Also, it may help to add more protein to your diet, and try to avoid flavored, or pre-cooked foods. The naturally-occurring sugars in unrefined food are digested much more slowly than those in refined food, which means that glucose is released into the bloodstream more slowly, and so is less likely to stimulate the over-production of insulin that leads to hypoglycemia.

Since switching over to a diet that is mostly clean eating, with more protein, veggies and fruits than carbs, my Carb Crash is gone!  I don’t generally try to skip meals, but since I workout right after lunch sometimes I wait an hour or two to eat lunch and although I feel hungry – no headache or nauseous!  Hurray for not being a crazy person right before meals.

The nutrition plan I use is called Portion Fix from Beachbody – so easy and effective.  If you want more info on it comment or message me.  Happy Tuesday ya’ll!

Much of this information pulled from this website:



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