My new low-carb bff

My new low-carb bff

Cauliflower rice.  Yes, many of you have probably been making this for months, if not years.  I’ve told you I’m a little behind on trends and things.  Also a little lazy.  Umm, cauliflower rice is easier than regular rice!

So, I forgot to take a picture.  Here is a picture taken from which looks pretty much like my cauliflower rice in my food processor (minus the marble countertops):

cauliflower rice

Here’s how to make cauliflower rice:

Step 1:  Cut into florets
Step 2:  Process in food processor
Step 3:  Saute for 5 min (stirring occasionally) in 1 TBsp EVOO or coconut oil and add any spices or herbs you would like to flavor (I stuck with S&P yesterday as I was adding fiesta shrimp and peppers, which carries enough flavor for both)
Step 4:  Eat

Very good!!  Try it!!


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