Really awesome spinach muffins!

Really awesome spinach muffins!

I can’t take credit for these – not my recipe, but I am such a big fan that I’m blogging about someone else’s blogged recipe!  You can find the recipe for these moist, healthy (no sugar or oil!) and kid friendly muffins at Jack’s mom in Austin’s blog here!

And like Jack’s mom in Austin says…your kids will gobble these down.  It’s hard to find something both of my kids (4 & 1, and my 4 year old is not a muffin guy) will gobble down.  These don’t even make it to the freezer, they go that fast.  I may help a little bit with that too.  Don’t judge until you try them.


And they are super cute in heart shaped muffin cups (can’t go into Michael’s without buying some impulse item).  This recipe makes a tray of 24 mini muffins plus about 5-7 large muffins for me.


One thought on “Really awesome spinach muffins!

  1. Perfect timing – I need a new healthy snack that’s a bit more satisfying than a handful of spinach, and easier for my little guy to eat.


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