Transformation Pictures!

Transformation Pictures!

In 2010 I was married 2 years, no children and a week after this picture was taken(picture on the left), I competed in my first sprint triathlon – the Irongirl in Columbia, MD.  I trained for months to be prepared to swim .62, bike 15 miles and run a 5k.  It was a really challenging but awesome experience – I did it with a friend so even more fun!

Pink shirt pic

Fast forward to 2016 – I have 2 children and I’m not really training for anything.  I play soccer (I also played soccer in 2010) one to two nights a week, and when I don’t have soccer I work out 30 minutes a day using Beachbody workouts at home.  I just ran a 2 mile relay of a shorter sprint triathlon this past weekend, so for the past month I did do 2-3 mile runs once a week to work on my time.  I ended up running the 2 miles in 13:09!  6:35 minute miles, whaaat!  I haven’t had times like that since freshman year in high school cross country!  Folks, I’m in my 30’s!

I should note that I have been doing Beachbody workouts since January of this year, so for 5 months.  Before January, I looked pretty much like the picture on the left.

The difference here is nutrition!  I was working out a lot more in 2010. I thought I was eating healthy, but I was eating too many carbs and healthy fats.  Once I started 21 day fix with Beachbody, I realized how easy it was to not only eat clean, but eat the right portions of the right foods, and my body totally responded.  I’ve lost 20 lbs!  When I started in January, I was just looking to lose ‘the last 5 lbs.’  But then I kept going because it was fun and it wasn’t a diet, it was a lifestyle change.  I’m not looking to lose any more weight, just maintain, so I follow the 21 day fix nutrition plan for maintaining weight.

I never thought I would love working out from home.  It’s so much easier to knock out a 30 minute workout without drive time, etc.  If you’re interested but not sure where to start, contact me!  I can help recommend a specific workout and nutrition plan based on your health, fitness and budget goals.


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