From 21 day fix to T-25

From 21 day fix to T-25

I’ve been doing T-25 for 4 days and I’m starving!  Apparently the 21 day fix meal plan doesn’t quite transition to T-25.  I took a look at the nutrition info included with 21 day fix and it is definitely higher in carbs while a bit lower in protein/fruit.  I’m not complaining!

So breakfast today – more carbs (2 chia waffles) + less yogurt (Chobani Simply 100) + less fruit (wild blueberries).  I am loving Chobani Simply 100 in vanilla, and loving it on my waffles in lieu of maple syrup! Yes, plain would be better, but I just can’t always stomach the taste of plain yogurt.  Chobani Simply 100 is the next best thing – no added sugar – they use Stevia instead which is Beachbody approved in moderation.  I still use plain but in other recipes where I don’t have to eat it straight.


Anybody else out there have any great T-25 meals they’d like to share?


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