6 Day Clean Eating Reset

6 Day Clean Eating Reset

It can be hard to know the exact nutritional variety of the perfect meal plan to lose weight and reset your metabolism.  So, I have it for you!  I have access to a full meal plan with grocery list, accessible by website and on your smart phone, for you to eat clean, healthy and lose 3-10 lbs in 6 days!  It includes 7 servings of Shakeology ($35, the only thing you will pay for).

So what is Shakeology?  I am a skeptical person in general.  I don’t buy into many things. And Shakeology was one of the things I HAD to try to believe how good it was.  Shakeology is the equivalent of 7 salads, it has one of the best probiotics available along with digestive enzymes.  IBS like symptoms?  Shakeology has it taken care of.  Shakeology also has a certified low glycemic index – I have friends able to go off of their diabetic medications from drinking it!  And there are many superfoods in Shakeology that you just don’t eat every day.  Ok, I do eat spinach most days (in Shakeology), and I eat blueberries a lot of days (also in Shakeology).  But I don’t eat acerola cherry, camu-camu, lycium berry, rose hips, pomegranate, schisandra, bilberry and luo han guo every day (all in Shakeology).

What kinds of foods do you eat on the reset?  Well, I’m on day 5 today and on the menu for breakfast: turkey sausage and waffle!  Yum!  I had steak for dinner the other night too.  All the meals are simple, easy to make and tasty.  I’ve picked up several new recipes from it!

For more details, email me at redk55@yahoo.com, or find my group on Facebook:  Healthy Living 2016.  I share lots of clean eating recipes and fitness tips in my group!6-day-reset-event-banner-3



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