Class Action lawsuit against Beachbody

Class Action lawsuit against Beachbody

I started doing the 21 day fix (Beachbody workout program) in January of this year (2016).  I lost 10 lbs in two rounds of 21 day fix (42 days).  Then I did 21 day fix extreme in March and started drinking Shakeology, losing another 7 lbs in that 21 days.  Then I did Brazil Butt Lift Carnivale workouts, continuing to drink Shakeology and lost a few more lbs.  Overall, I dropped from a size 10 to a size 6 from losing approximately 20 lbs.

Unfortunately, I had some side effects from this weight loss.  My clothing no longer fit.  I had to go out and buy size 6 clothes, as my 10’s and even 8’s were too large.  I felt pretty good at my weight of 130 (I’m 5’6″) at a size 6 and I didn’t feel like I needed to lose more weight so felt like it was a good time to get new clothes.  Even my stretchy tie at the waist pants were falling off.

So I bought a number of pairs of shorts, jeans and shirts.  I continued working out daily, doing a mix of 21 day fix, Brazil Butt Lift Carnivale and 21 day fix extreme while drinking Shakeology – but I modified my eating plan for 21 day fix to maintain weight vs losing weight, per the 21 day fix nutrition plan.

My weight stayed the same, but I dropped another size.  To a 4!!  (I had to buy a size 2 and XS in Old Navy, but pretty sure their sizes run on the big side). Now, my size 6 attire is too big.  Now, this is what upsets me!  Nowhere in Beachbody’s advertising did they advertise that this could happen.  Had I known that I could drop a clothing size without actually losing weight, I would have waited to buy all size 4’s.  As it is now, I have more clothes that I have to donate and more clothes to buy.  It’s quite ridiculous and I know several people that this same thing has happened to!  I’m pretty sure there are more out there, which is why I’m proposing a class action lawsuit against Beachbody for failing to properly disclose these effects of undertaking their exercise programs.  I consider it borderline manipulative business practices to fail to disclose this information.  It’s really unacceptable that I’ve been deceived in this way and had to suffer from these hardships. I’m also recommending they compensate me for all of my wardrobe changes that have been required as a result of doing their exercise programs.  I have several other plaintiffs joining me and I’m looking for more people to include in this legal action. Please comment below or contact me if you have suffered from similar situations with Beachbody exercise programs!


*Disclosure*This is meant to be a satirical article.  I am a Beachbody Coach and everything I have indicated above in regards to weight loss is true.  I do not plan on filing a Class Action lawsuit for losing weight and/or inches, or for requesting compensation for clothes that no longer fit me.  I will, however, be requesting a receipt at Salvation Army for a tax write off for my old clothes!!*


3 thoughts on “Class Action lawsuit against Beachbody

  1. Love the wit and satirical writing. At first, I actually took you seriously. I don’t like to use other people’s blog sites to self promote, but I think you will really enjoy a satire I wrote (and you know doctors are not famous for their sense of humor.) If you are uncomfortable with the attached link I will completely understand it if you delete this comment. If not, I hope you enjoy it!


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