Greek yogurt love!!

Greek yogurt love!!

I’ve FALLen head over heels for Greek yogurt lately. So many delicious combinations and ways to enjoy it.  I’m getting protein – and it’s 21 day fix approved so fits in my nutrition plan!  Yaaaaaas.  Here are two ways(sweet and savory) I enjoyed today, try it!

Sweet potato pancakes with Proyo


Sweet potato pancake recipe can be found here.  And for the Proyo – just add in some protein powder (vanilla whey, etc or even better, Shakeology – probiotics!) to plain nonfat greek yogurt.  I added some unsweetened coconut flakes on top too.  I felt like I was eating cake with pudding in the middle!

A little spice for my lunch –  Chobani Meze Dip in three pepper salsa.  LOOOVE that it has less fat than hummus and that I recognize all the ingredients on the label!  It’s pretty hard to find a healthy dip that you can actually have more than 2 Tbsp of.  This fits the bill!  I added it onto my lettuce wraps along with low sodium turkey, cheese, tomato and red onion.



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