Save the Ta-ta’s!

Save the Ta-ta’s!

My right hamstring is in a huge knot and I spent the weekend consuming carbs, drinking beer and wearing smelly socks.  Guesses to where I was?ta-tas

Save the Ta-ta’s 8v8 women’s soccer tournament, held in Winston-Salem, NC this year. This is the second year we (Charlotte Women’s Soccer League) have participated in the tournament, and it was pretty awesome both years.  The free food, prizes and casual vibe  is awesome and all the proceeds from the tournament go to fund breast cancer research. One of the players on our team this year is a breast cancer survivor as well so it had an extra special meaning for us.  This year there were 8 teams, and next year they are looking to grow the tournament with more teams!  If you play women’s soccer, check out this page for more information. Or I can put you in touch with the organizer as well who is fantastic.


This year’s tournament was very competitive; we went 2-1 our first day, which put us in the semi finals the second day, and then we lost that game to end our tournament championship attempt.  Which was probably for the best.  A few of us including myself were starting to fall apart physically!img_20160925_151454246

My right hammy is going to be sore for a few weeks, ugh. But I would do it again regardless!  And I will, next year 😊

Some team members relaxing between games




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