Fall in Love with Exercise

Fall in Love with Exercise

I know what’s it’s like to dread working out or getting yourself motivated to get a hard workout in – I’ve been there.  My fallback workout was running, because it burned the most calories but sometimes I just didn’t feel like it.  I did some lifting and used machines at the gym, but never really got results I was looking for.  Until I started Beachbody workouts – great workouts + nutrition plan = great results!  All for a better price than having a personal trainer and/or gym membership.  I’m looking for 3-5 more people to join my October 3rd online accountability group – I have so many workout options and will help you find the best one for you!

What’s an accountability group?  A group of people committed to working out and eating healthy for a 30 day period together, all doing similar workout programs.  We’re better when we’re together!  Email me redk55@yahoo.com or find me on FB either at my group Healthy Living 2016 or Jodi Redcay Price, or on IG at JodiPrice55.



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