Lemon Herb Chicken with Parmesan Pesto Zucchini Noodles

Lemon Herb Chicken with Parmesan Pesto Zucchini Noodles

I’ve been wanting to make this for so long and finally got around to it.  I don’t have a veggie spiralizer, so used my mandolin instead and it worked out great.  My kids weren’t really a fan of the zoodles, but I think the pesto was the turnoff, not the zoodles.  It’s a great option if you are watching your carbs and wanting to get more veggies in your diet!

Lemon Herb Chicken:
-2 lbs chicken breast tenders
-juice of 1 lemon
-2 Tbsp olive oil
-1 tsp dried basil
-1 tsp garlic powder
-1/2 tsp onion powder
-1/4 tsp pepper
-1/4 tsp salt
-1/4 tsp oregano

Zoodles (zucchini noodles!)
-Coconut Oil cooking spray
-1/2 medium red onion, chopped
-3 cloves garlic, minced
-2 cups sliced mushrooms
-3-4 medium zucchini
-2 Tbsp basil pesto sauce
-1/2 Parmesan cheese grated plus more for top


1. Mix together all of the chicken marinade ingredients, put in a ziplock bag with the chicken breast tenders and for 4 hours (up to overnight).

2. Heat a large non-stick skillet over medium heat. Add chicken and cook for 3 – 5 minutes, or until nicely browned on one side. Turn chicken over, cover, and reduce heat to medium. Cook for approximately 8 more minutes (depending on thickness of chicken,) or until chicken is cooked through.

3. While chicken is cooking, spiralize zucchini noodles.


4. Spray a non stick skillet with coconut oil and heat over medium heat.

5. Add onion, and cook, stirring frequently, for 3 minutes, until onion is translucent. Add garlic, and cook for 1 minute.

6. Add mushrooms and cook until mushrooms are browning and have released all of their liquid, approximately 5 minutes.IMG_20160927_174957506.jpg

7. Add zoodles to mixture and heat up for approximately 3-5 minutes, depending on your preference.  I like mine soft and hot so did for about 5 minutes, they were almost mushy.  Add pesto and parmesan cheese and combine.

8.  Evenly divide portions between 4 plates, top with chicken and more parmesan.

21 day fixers: 1 green, 1 red, 1/2 blue, 1 tsp


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