Free Mrs. Meyer’s Fall Collection, oh my!

Free Mrs. Meyer’s Fall Collection, oh my!

Do you want some free Mrs. Meyer’s mum scented cleaning goods?  Order $20 worth from Grove Collaborative and the 4 piece set is yours! With FREE shipping. It’s a pretty awesome deal. **Offer ends 10/23/16**

It’s a membership site, but when you order you are signed up for a free 60 day VIP trial. So, I’m fine with free and they promise to send email reminders prior to your order. Which is good, because I worry about subscription type websites billing me for eternity with absolutely no email reminders. Grove is a small one office site located out of San Francisco, CA and they are a Certified B Corp – part of a select group of companies like Patagonia, Seventh Generation, Etsy, and Ben & Jerry’s that meet the world’s most rigorous standard for businesses supporting social, environmental and community well being. I feel kind of good ordering from them.

When you go to the website, you select your preference and they pre-select some products they think you might like and you can keep them or poke around for other stuff.  I kept their recommended walnut sponges, toilet cleaner and Bon Ami natural cleaner (I have been looking for this stuff in stores without luck!).  I removed the general cleaner they recommended and opted for some tea tree oil instead.

They also have baby & beauty supplies, shaving stuff, laundry, food storage, kitchen supplies, good stuff and surprisingly good prices!

Here’s the link again to check it out. I’m totally a fan of Grove Collaborative! Offer ends tomorrow 10/23 so order now if you are going to do it!

For now anyways.  The VIP membership costs $39.99 if you decide to keep it outside of the 60 day free trial, and they send you 5 free gifts a year and you always get free shipping. I’m on the fence if I will continue after the free membership, because honestly I don’t clean all that much, haha!  On the other hand, ordering from Grove is probably a better savings for me because then I don’t go into Target, which costs me at least $100+ every time I walk in the store.  Decisions, decisions!  What would you do?


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