Free Clean Eating 1 day meal plan

Free Clean Eating 1 day meal plan

Throwback Thursday, to the time before I followed the 21 day portion fix meal plan!befunky-collage

I thought I was eating healthy.  I ate veggies every day, I didn’t eat a lot of candy, chips, fast food.  I cooked most of our meals from scratch and we didn’t eat out a lot.  I thought I just needed to work out more, but I couldn’t get motivated unless I was training for a race (running was the best way I knew how to lose weight). And I got frustrated, because I couldn’t get my mile times much lower than 8:30 minute miles. I ran cross country in high school and wanted to get back down to the 7 minute mile range but just couldn’t get fit enough to get there.

After watching a friend post her amazing before & after pics FOR A YEAR, I finally decided to try her program.  It worked for her, so MAYBE it would work for me.  I wanted to lose 5 lbs and stay in a size 8, not a 10.

So I started 21 day fix in January.  And the weight steadily and slowly started coming off.  So I thought why stop here?  Maybe, just maybe could I get to a size 6?  I was a size 6 in high school and college.  What if I could get there?  And then after I was a size 6 my body sort of plateaued in it’s weight loss and held steady at 130, which I felt comfortable with. But my body composition kept changing, and I dropped another size to a 4!

I never thought I’d be a size 4 and a SMALL, holy smokes.  I’ve been a medium my entire life. And here we are, 7 months later, and I have no issues maintaining my weight. I just ran a 5k last weekend and ran it in 21:21. I’m back down to 7 minute miles!! Yayyyy!

The weight loss has been great, but even better it’s how I feel.  I feel good, I feel healthy, I don’t have extra belly weight now and I’m eating healthier and in the right portions.  Sure, I cheat now and then, but aim to maintain an 80-90% adherence to the portion fix program. And sugar is so much less appealing when you know EXACTLY how it affects your body!

So I’m here today to offer you a FREE ONE DAY CUSTOMIZED portion fix meal plan. 21 day fix does cost money. I was SO hesitant to pay for a new program when I was already paying for a gym membership. I understand, so want to offer you a way to try it for one day for free to see if you like it before committing to a program! CLICK HERE to request your FREE ONE DAY 21 day fix meal plan to be emailed to you!




One thought on “Free Clean Eating 1 day meal plan

  1. Creating a healthy lifestyle is the key to LONG TERM results. You’ll notice your body kept reducing in size even though this was NOT part of the GOAL. When we provide our bodies the tools necessary to achieve GOOD HEALTH, the results speak for themselves. When we seek a number on a scale, we sometimes succeed for a while, but then return to destructive patterns (often induced by stress) and sabotage our own LONG TERM results. Once the MINDSET is focused on QUALITY HEALTH and QUALITY LIVING/FUNCTION, it becomes easier to follow a healthy LIFESTYLE. Congratulations on achieving this GOAL!


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