How to be an inconsistent blogger

How to be an inconsistent blogger

Have two little kids at home with you at all time, train for a half marathon and then onto a full marathon, coach people and run challenge groups every month to stay healthy, host Thanksgiving, have a 5 year old birthday party, do Christmas shopping for 3 families and plan a Disney vacation. Ok, I know, excuses.  But seriously I’ve been busy, ya’ll!  How these amazing moms with 4+ kids manage to blog and with PICTURES, is beyond my comprehension and ability. The pictures take me the longest. I might be technology challenged, just a bit.

It’s been an awesome last month though! I PR’d in my half marathon December 10th, running a 1:38, which breaks down to a 7:32 minute mile. Which I thought was pretty fast!  But definitely not fast enough, I didn’t even place in my age group. Such fast women runners out there!! Kind of amazing and cool. I was happy with my time, and I could barely walk for 2 days, but I’m all recovered now and back to some strength workouts before upping my mileage again for the Myrtle Beach marathon in March!  My first full marathon.

Thanksgiving was great, we had 6 family members stay over at our house for a few nights and it was a fun time of laughter, drinking and eating. Might have been in excess. I call it carb loading these days for my long runs. hehe.

My 4 year old turned 5! We celebrated with an indoor pool party at our gym, with an Octonauts theme. I’ve made the mistake before of having too much food at a kid’s party, and I made it again. Seriously, how much do I think 5 year olds can and will eat in an hour? Not much, Jodi, not much. Please, stop looking at Pinterest ideas and just serve pizza and cupcakes. You don’t need 5 different cute themed sides that take your time up to make and display them. Please remember this next time. Although I was super happy with how my pinterest cupcakes turned out. Will post a picture when I can find where I put it. Again, technology challenged!

Also, we decided to take our now 5 year old and 2 year old to Disney & Legoland next spring. So I’ve been diving into Google Disney research. After much weighing of pro’s and con’s, we decided NOT to stay on Disney property (gasp!) because it was so much cheaper to stay a little bit further away in a beautifully decorated 3 bedroom condo in a resort with 4 pools. Hello, post bedtime drinks for mommy & daddy on the screened in porch while children slumber peacefully in their separate bedrooms. I just can’t shell out $400/night for a suite on Disney property, as cool as it would be. The one bedroom in the condo is a Star Wars theme and my 5 year old is going to be in heaven, so I don’t feel guilty about not staying in a themed Disney resort. Anyways, the place is booked and now we can relax for a few months!

I really would like to blog more consistently but TIME. I will try to get back here once a week. Once a month is really quite terrible, I didn’t realize it had been so long! Until next time!



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