Body BeautifulNJ Lavishly Lemon: all natural deodorant review

Body BeautifulNJ Lavishly Lemon: all natural deodorant review

Recently an acquaintance posted a picture of an all-natural deodorant that she made and just started to sell on Etsy. I have always used Dove or Degree deodorant; I haven’t explored the world of all natural deodorants yet. A number of organic websites, like this one, express concern over ingredients used in deodorant being linked to cancer or alzheimers; although other websites like NY magazine indicate there isn’t enough evidence to link this together. It can’t hurt though to try it out!

I’m not a fully organic person, due to convenience, cost and shelf life of many organic foods. I try to do it when I can, and this is an instance of that. Some organic is always better than none!

Here is the link to the Lavishly Lemon deodorant on Etsy. The shop name is BodyBeautifulNJ and is $15 for a 4 oz jar, which is a larger size than most deodorants.

I purchased this on my own; after posting a pic of the deodorant in my facebook group Healthy Living 2016 (soon to be 2017), a number of people were asking about how it worked so I decided to do a full week’s review of how well I thought it worked. I checked for sweat and odor, specifically getting my nose as close to my armpit as possible to conduct the “after” tests. You’re welcome. I have classified each workout as either low, moderate or high sweat level workouts – so this indicates the workout level, not the deodorant performance. I tested this 12/19/16-12/25/16.

Day 1: I did 21 day fix extreme lower fix in my living room, which is a 30 minute very intense lower body strength training workout involving weights, lots of squats and lunges of different varieties with lots of jumping. My sweat level was moderate. No excessive armpit sweat or odor noticed; I forgot to specifically check for this before I showered but I didn’t stink at all that I noticed. I was having trouble walking straight but that had nothing to do with the deodorant, haha!

Day 2: 21 day fix extreme upper fix – 30 minutes of upper body strength work involving weights. Slightly lower sweat level. Very minimal armpit sweat, and they still smelled very lemony!!

Day 3: 4 mile easy run and 20 minute stationary bike ride at the gym. Sweat level moderate. I wore a tight fitting sweat wicking workout shirt, there was no sweat staining or even sweat coming through that I noticed; and I still smelled great! The shirt had no odor either.

Day 4: Speed workout on treadmill, 1200 x 5 at 7:20 minute mile pace with 45 second breaks in between intervals. I was pretty sweaty, I’d say almost at a high level. Sweat was normal and I had no odor, and could still smell the lemon fragrance in my pits! How lovely! Lemon is a favorite fragrance too and one of my favorite fruits.

Day 5: I noticed a little armpit sweat in the morning. I had showered after my workout yesterday and applied deodorant then, so I needed to reapply in the AM before my workout.  No odor just a little sweat. Completed a 30 minute Pilates workout from 21 day fix. This was a “light sweat” level workout, I had minimal armpit sweat and no odor.

Day 6: Final test! I had a 14 mile run scheduled. Temperatures were moderate – 50’s, I wore running pants and a very light jacket. Sweat level was moderate due to temps being a little cooler. Checked the pits after my run and still quite dry and I could still detect a lemon fragrance, with no other odor!  SCORE!

Overall score: A+

Having never used anything besides store bought deodorants, I was sort of thinking it wouldn’t perform as well as them. I actually think it performed better, and smelled so good!! I can’t wait to use this for soccer games; because my “usual” deodorants do NOT last through them! Once I try it out in the spring will post an update. I hope you enjoyed my review and please FOLLOW my website to receive email updates when I post (I’m totally sporadic, so you won’t be getting that many, haha).



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