Shakeology helps with IBS-C!

Shakeology helps with IBS-C!

Shakeology is one of my favorite parts of my day, but it’s nice to hear it from other people as well. Here is one of my customer’s testimonials after drinking Shakeology for less than a month!  Teri K. has suffered from IBS-C for over 20 years and here’s what she has to say about Shakeology:

“For those of you that suffer from IBS-C, when I say smooths out you know what I mean. You know that feeling when you just feel stuck and you could probably pin point exactly where the blockage is? Or that feeling of full, air filled bloating when you wish that someone would just flush out your system without making it spasm afterward. What about when you have the feeling that you weigh 10 pounds extra because of everything in your GI tract and wish that you could get rid of that “weight” more often than once a week or month. Shakeology did that for me. Most other digestive aids will make my stomach hurt from spasms after going to the bathroom but with Shakeology it truly helped make me regular and helped my gut truly feel relatively normal! No bloating or stopped up feeling. Actually able to go to the bathroom “like a normal person” a couple times a week, I’m not sure what is in it that helped, but I have to say after trying nearly EVERYTHING on the market, I was incredibly skeptical. Trying the Shakeology made a healthy gut believer out of me.”




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