6 weeks until the Myrtle Beach marathon and I’m freaking out.

6 weeks until the Myrtle Beach marathon and I’m freaking out.

A little, or a lot. I’m freaking out because I just looked over my marathon training plan again and realized I’m doing it all wrong! I’m going with the Furman plan which is only 3 days of running per week and allows for lots of cross training.  Which is perfect so I can continue strength training in some capacity, I don’t want to lose all the hard work I’ve put in! I’m using 21 day fix extreme workouts  for my cross training, I love the mix of cardio and strength training.

So the problem is, with the Furman plan you need to do significantly faster training runs. Which I didn’t realize until this week. Based on your 10k time, you need to run about 60-75 seconds slower per mile for your long runs. I’ve been just managing to finish my long runs at a comfortable jog – I usually start out about 9 min miles but end up around 10 minute miles at the end when I am exhausted. Apparently I need to be doing it around 8:30 min pace! Yikes! I’m not close to that.

I finally am starting to practice consuming fuel during the race. Probably part of the reason I am losing steam in my long runs – duh! Tried some Gu gel for my 15 mile run this past weekend – and had to call my husband a mile and a half from my house because I didn’t think I was going to make it (the Gu did not sit well). I think I consumed the second one too soon after the first.

The speed workouts need to be faster than 10k time.  I ran the Charlotte International Airport Runway 5k in October at about 21:21 (such a cool run!) and then the Huntersville half marathon December 10th, which I ran in 1:38:58 (I may be off a few seconds. I forget). So my 5k miles were about 7:07 and half marathon miles 7:32. So maybe my 10k would be about 7:20. I’ve been doing speed workouts at 5k pace, yikes – so around 7 minute miles! And I need to do them at about a 6:30 pace!


Here’s a pic of the Runway 5k. Sign up early and it only costs $10!!  Fast and flat course.

I had really high hopes of pacing at around 8 min miles for the marathon, and now I’m totally doubting that and unsure of how to pace. I have 6 more weeks to try to rectify things, so hopefully can get some faster runs in. I did a 7 miler on Sunday, and tried to keep my pace at 8:30 and could only manage a 9 minute miler. Um, whaaat? How did I possibly run 7:32 miles a month ago but can’t even do faster than 9 minutes now?

There is so much conflicting advice out there about running!  Don’t start out too slow, that’s the mistake most runners make; to don’t start out too fast or you’ll die in the second half of the race and lose a ton of time. I’m thinking I’ll just start out slightly conservative in the beginning for the first 4 miles, increase a bit faster for the first half and then see how it goes for the second half. What’s your marathon running experience??



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