Spartan Recovery – bye sore muscles!

Spartan Recovery – bye sore muscles!

After my first Spartan Sprint (read about it here!) I was mega sore – especially in my upper body. My traps, forearms and shoulders were feeling the various obstacles that I had to carry!! I was so thankful for the chance to test out and review some Real Time Pain Relief products to help with my recovery.

I’ve used things like Arnica Gel in the past, I love all natural products and Real Time Pain Relief Hemp Oil Plus and the Sports cream both are all natural products. It’s pretty nice to be able to know what all the ingredients are on the back of the bottle! And the bottle size is huge! About 3x what you usually get at the typical drug store. I had a hard time deciding which one to use so did both – Sports cream on my legs and the Hemp oil plus on my upper body sore muscles. Within a day or two my soreness in my arms was dissipating and I felt back to normal! I did something to my left inner groin muscle that the pain cream wasn’t able to help with – but that muscle was sore before the race and I definitely aggravated it with running in extremely muddy conditions and climbing over obstacles – almost 2 weeks post race, I am finally almost fully recovered from that muscle strain.



Things I love about these – they are a lightweight lotion, easy to apply and they dry quickly (unlike arnica gels that I have used in the past). They both have a very mild peppermint scent – definitely NOT like your Grandfather’s BenGay, it is very minimal and barely noticeable. I also love that there is no intense “icy hot” feeling with either of these. You do get a bit of a tingle with the menthol in the sports cream, but it’s not like Tiger’s Balm or actual Icy Hot. Overall I give these very high ratings, there’s not much I don’t like about them! The higher price tag reflects the larger bottle size, but there are great deals on convenience bundles on the Real Time Pain Relief website – check it out here!



I hosted a giveaway on Instagram last week along with this review and two lucky winners will receive their own bottle of the Hemp Oil Plus and Real Time Sports Cream! Congrats to the winners! Stay up to date with Real Time Pain Relief for specials and sales at Instagram here and follow them on Twitter here!

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