What you need to know before playing at the Mecklenburg County Sportsplex

What you need to know before playing at the Mecklenburg County Sportsplex

Playing at Mecklenburg County Sportsplex for the first time, from out of town or just not familiar with the area?? Read on – learn what you need to bring, pack and what to do in the area.

You can read a general overview of the Sportsplex here on the Mecklenburg County page, which tells you the basics about it and you can apply for reservations for conference rooms, fields, tournaments, etc. Here’s on overview map below showing the fields and areas. But here’s what you really need to know:

Mecklenburg County Sportsplex January 2017 map with edit
Playgrounds are circled in red!
  • Shade is scarce. This is a brand new complex – and while the landscaping has some small trees, it’s not something you can sit under. Bring a chair with an overhead shade thing, or better yet bring a tent canopy for the team. It gets HOT especially on the turf. There are several covered picnic areas (two at area A, one at area B) which have a substantial amount of picnic tables, but if you there during a tournament and need somewhere to relax between games and athletes want to lay down and chill – BYOS (bring your own shade!)018
  • There are no bleachers or seating for watching the games aside from the main stadium – so bring your own chair!!
  • There is no concession stand or food sold on site currently and area A doesn’t have vending machines. Area B MIGHT have a drink vending machine, I will update the next time I am there. So – BYOS (bring your own snacks and plenty of drinks!!).
  • Walkability – there are approximately 2 miles of paved trails/sidewalks that go around the perimeter of the fields and connect areas A & B. It’s great if you want to get some exercise between games and it’s very handicap/stroller friendly.
  • ┬áThe playgrounds are great for kids of all ages – there is a smaller, toddler playground at each one along with a larger one and some great features, like the racing ziplines in area A. See pics below! Each playground is conveniently located next to the restrooms, which are very LARGE (tons of stalls!) and have been immaculate every time I’ve been there.




When the Sportsplex was in the planning phase, I read in the local paper that originally a landfill was discussed for the land. WOW. Pretty happy that got changed!! I play in the Charlotte Women’s Soccer League and this is one of the locations we play at in the area.┬áThe soccer fields tend to be on the wide side in my opinion, FYI!

There are a TON of food options (as in, anything you could possibly want) and lodging accommodations in the Matthews area, all within a few miles of the Sportsplex. I’ll be adding my local recommendations soon, with the best local food and drink joints. Check back soon and follow my page for local updates!