Summer and Fall races and Training update!

Summer and Fall races and Training update!

The end of June we traveled for 2 weeks to see family in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. We hit the Jersey Shore (Long Beach Island) where I got in a few runs but mostly beach, beer and candy. Then on to central Jersey where I think I got rid of my tan lines at the pool, got to catch up with Jersey friends and got back on track a little bit with nutrition and workouts (and gave my mother in law’s neighbors some entertainment, at least). Townhouse courtyard workouts for the win! Then we traveled on to Pennsylvania to see my family. We visited Hershey Park; I got some great runs in with my brother but got sidetracked with ice cream and cupcakes. The sugar struggle is real. I have a really hard time resisting it when it’s right in front of me. I just can’t. When I don’t buy it at home I’m all good but elsewhere, forget it!

So after I got back, I started up Shift Shop, which is a 3 week agility and strength training workout that progressively gets more challenging (and each workout increases by 10 minutes!). I just finished up week 2 so I’m pretty stoked to see how the final week of workouts are!

After I wrap up Shift Shop, I am ramping up the long distance running to start training for the South Carolina Ragnar Relay Ultra I will be running in the beginning of October. I will be running an 8, 10 and 12 mile leg each over a 2 day period so I need to get the training started! I am pretty sure I will be cross training with Sagi with the program Body Beast, which is a lot of weights and strength training. I need a break from Autumn Calabrese. Although I love her, we have spent a lot of time together with 21 day fix extreme over the past year and we need some space. I’m pretty excited to be doing more with weights and I think it will compliment my running very well.

I’m also running two 10k races during the Ultra Training, one in August and one in September to keep me motivated! If you’d like to follow my journey a little more please find me on IG at jodiprice55, I keep things a bit more updated there!


I missed you! Yes, you!

I missed you! Yes, you!

WOW it’s been a SUPER busy summer.  Just counted it up, and out of the last 8 weeks (56 days) I have traveled 37 of them.  Thousands of miles racked up on the car – most of it planned travel, but regardless, WHOA!  I’ve gotten to know Virgina, Pennsylvania and New Jersey pretty well.

And in the midst of this, I’ve been trying to set up a brand spanking new website.  Which honestly, no longer seems as shiny and purpose serving as I once thought.  I’ve neglected my old trusty blog here because of the glitter on a new one, but it doesn’t seem to be the right time for me to switch it up. I may go back to trying it in another year or two when I have more time to dedicate and if it seems to be a better choice for my coaching business (YAY for 2 kids in school next year!!!!!!!!!!!!!).

And although I’ve stalked some of you on Instagram (my IG name is jodiprice55) for your delicious recipes and journeys, I haven’t found all of you and I’ve missed you!!  So I’m baaaaack and have lots of fun things to share!!

And remember…