Road Trip Snack Bag Mom Hack!

Road Trip Snack Bag Mom Hack!

We do a lot of road trips around here! We live in NC and both of our families live 8-10 hours away (PA & NJ) so we drive up to see them usually twice a year, if not more. We also had some family meet ups in Virginia the past year, which was nice – only about 5-6 hours. With 2 kids (2 and 5) we drive a normal size SUV. So our vehicle is PACKED to the max when we travel.

I usually have barely any foot space as we end up putting a small cooler, a bag of snacks and a bag of entertainment at my feet. I could put these items on the floor at the kid’s feet, and then I’d end up doing 50 back and neck twists by the end of the drive…so I sacrifice the foot space vs the aggravated back.

My kids basically require a snack every five minutes in the car. Do yours or is it just mine? Snack! Snack! Snack! And I really just don’t give a toot after a few hours in the car, pretty much anything goes at that point. I do try to pack some healthy snacks but, I also don’t really want them having to go to the bathroom if I load them up with fruit SO we do have quite a bit of salty snacky things. Goldfish are the special treat we get for road trips as I don’t really buy them on a normal basis at home (I read an article about how terrible they are, probably on Facebook. Yeah, I know they are probably fine. They eat enough in the road trips to make up for it anyways).

So I generally use a semi-structured bag, reusable grocery bag or Trader Joe’s paper bag and carefully pack all snacks in a neat and tidy order. By the end of the ride that thing is a disorderly crumpled intermingled mess and I am digging through it to find what I want and crushing the┬ástray goldfish and pretzels in my annoyance.

Well. Not this time. I present to you, the compartmental travel snack bag (aka the 6 pack wine holder). For a shorter trip, a 6 pack beer holder would probably also work quite wonderfully.

snack bag 1


There is a gap at the bottom between the compartments in my bag, which I stuffed with a few individual packets of veggie straws (which are basically like pillows. They have a lot of air to protect that precious cargo inside, one would presume). Then each compartment got it’s snacks.

snack bag 2

I’m pretty pleased with this idea. And I’d love to hear what you do for road trips when space in your vehicle is limited! What are your mom hacks??