Summer and Fall races and Training update!

Summer and Fall races and Training update!

The end of June we traveled for 2 weeks to see family in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. We hit the Jersey Shore (Long Beach Island) where I got in a few runs but mostly beach, beer and candy. Then on to central Jersey where I think I got rid of my tan lines at the pool, got to catch up with Jersey friends and got back on track a little bit with nutrition and workouts (and gave my mother in law’s neighbors some entertainment, at least). Townhouse courtyard workouts for the win! Then we traveled on to Pennsylvania to see my family. We visited Hershey Park; I got some great runs in with my brother but got sidetracked with ice cream and cupcakes. The sugar struggle is real. I have a really hard time resisting it when it’s right in front of me. I just can’t. When I don’t buy it at home I’m all good but elsewhere, forget it!

So after I got back, I started up Shift Shop, which is a 3 week agility and strength training workout that progressively gets more challenging (and each workout increases by 10 minutes!). I just finished up week 2 so I’m pretty stoked to see how the final week of workouts are!

After I wrap up Shift Shop, I am ramping up the long distance running to start training for the South Carolina Ragnar Relay Ultra I will be running in the beginning of October. I will be running an 8, 10 and 12 mile leg each over a 2 day period so I need to get the training started! I am pretty sure I will be cross training with Sagi with the program Body Beast, which is a lot of weights and strength training. I need a break from Autumn Calabrese. Although I love her, we have spent a lot of time together with 21 day fix extreme over the past year and we need some space. I’m pretty excited to be doing more with weights and I think it will compliment my running very well.

I’m also running two 10k races during the Ultra Training, one in August and one in September to keep me motivated! If you’d like to follow my journey a little more please find me on IG at jodiprice55, I keep things a bit more updated there!


The 5 AM Club Experience

The 5 AM Club Experience

This week I did a challenge to wake up every day at 5am and do a workout. Disclosure: I’m a night owl, I enjoy staying up late and I like my sleep in the morning. My usual routine is having my kids wake me up (they’re usually up around 7 or 7:30am), relocating to the couch where I sleep as long as possible while they watch a morning show until I have to rouse myself to get my son ready for preschool by 9am.

I have several friends who say that getting up early every day is the BEST time to workout!  And I’ve resisted for about a year, telling them how much I would dislike it. Well, lately it’s been getting a little boring and also challenging to do my workouts with my 2.5 year old – my morning or afternoon then revolves around getting my workout done, and my daughter hasn’t been wanting to listen and get off of me when she is climbing on me during a workout, so there are lots of interruptions. She’s adorable, and I don’t mind it at all, but I do want to get the workout done! And I would like to do more social activities with her too versus not making any plans because of my workout needing to get done.

So for these reasons – I tried it out this week. Shocking fact #1 – it wasn’t hard to get out of bed at that time. My alarm went off, I’d jump up and go into the bathroom where I had my workout clothes laid out, slip them on and go downstairs to the workout I had loaded up in the DVD player already. 30 minutes later, workout done. I’d get a peaceful shower afterwards and a relaxing breakfast, and even some FREE TIME while the kids were sleeping! Shocking fact #2 – I loved it! I love the whole thing. It feels great to get it done in the morning. It made my days so much more relaxing, especially because I was able to get a few things done uninterrupted in the mornings. And shocking fact #3 – I didn’t really get tired during the day afterwards.

I did make an effort to get to bed by 10pm (failed the last 2 days of the week and it was more like 10:30). But I was shocked I wasn’t much during the week and I’m not collapsing today (being Friday). If I laid down on the couch for an extended period of time, well, that might be a different situation, hehe but for doing normal activities, I’m good!

What do you think?  Are you a member of the 5am club already? Would you consider it?

6 weeks until the Myrtle Beach marathon and I’m freaking out.

6 weeks until the Myrtle Beach marathon and I’m freaking out.

A little, or a lot. I’m freaking out because I just looked over my marathon training plan again and realized I’m doing it all wrong! I’m going with the Furman plan which is only 3 days of running per week and allows for lots of cross training.  Which is perfect so I can continue strength training in some capacity, I don’t want to lose all the hard work I’ve put in! I’m using 21 day fix extreme workouts  for my cross training, I love the mix of cardio and strength training.

So the problem is, with the Furman plan you need to do significantly faster training runs. Which I didn’t realize until this week. Based on your 10k time, you need to run about 60-75 seconds slower per mile for your long runs. I’ve been just managing to finish my long runs at a comfortable jog – I usually start out about 9 min miles but end up around 10 minute miles at the end when I am exhausted. Apparently I need to be doing it around 8:30 min pace! Yikes! I’m not close to that.

I finally am starting to practice consuming fuel during the race. Probably part of the reason I am losing steam in my long runs – duh! Tried some Gu gel for my 15 mile run this past weekend – and had to call my husband a mile and a half from my house because I didn’t think I was going to make it (the Gu did not sit well). I think I consumed the second one too soon after the first.

The speed workouts need to be faster than 10k time.  I ran the Charlotte International Airport Runway 5k in October at about 21:21 (such a cool run!) and then the Huntersville half marathon December 10th, which I ran in 1:38:58 (I may be off a few seconds. I forget). So my 5k miles were about 7:07 and half marathon miles 7:32. So maybe my 10k would be about 7:20. I’ve been doing speed workouts at 5k pace, yikes – so around 7 minute miles! And I need to do them at about a 6:30 pace!


Here’s a pic of the Runway 5k. Sign up early and it only costs $10!!  Fast and flat course.

I had really high hopes of pacing at around 8 min miles for the marathon, and now I’m totally doubting that and unsure of how to pace. I have 6 more weeks to try to rectify things, so hopefully can get some faster runs in. I did a 7 miler on Sunday, and tried to keep my pace at 8:30 and could only manage a 9 minute miler. Um, whaaat? How did I possibly run 7:32 miles a month ago but can’t even do faster than 9 minutes now?

There is so much conflicting advice out there about running!  Don’t start out too slow, that’s the mistake most runners make; to don’t start out too fast or you’ll die in the second half of the race and lose a ton of time. I’m thinking I’ll just start out slightly conservative in the beginning for the first 4 miles, increase a bit faster for the first half and then see how it goes for the second half. What’s your marathon running experience??


All Access Pass available for limited time!

All Access Pass available for limited time!


For the first time ever – you can have access to every single workout from Beachbody, ever made, for only $99/year. How does it work? You do the workouts from any device that can access the internet. So – smart TV, laptop, tablet, Ipad, smart phone…Roku, Chromecast.

My TV is 5 years old, and therefore not smart enough to have an internet browser. So I picked up a chromecast at Best Buy for about $35, and it’s connected to both my laptop and Android phone, and I stream workouts from either device to my TV.

Those days when you feel like doing something different, but the gym doesn’t have a class at the time you want to go –> you can do Beachbody on Demand. You can do it here or there, you can do it anywhere. You can do it, Sam I Am!  You can find an empty workout room at the gym and do your workout at the gym, while utilizing childcare at the same time (I won’t judge. I’m all about that gym childcare!!)

You are traveling for work and want to squeeze in a workout in your hotel room –> You can do it in a box, you can do it with a fox! You can do it, Sam I Am!

The kids are sick so you can’t go to the gym –> You can do it in a house, you can do it with a mouse! You can do it, Sam I am!

If you’re interested, I can get you signed up and give you support as well with recipes and encouragement!  Email me or find me on Facebook or Instagram! or facebook – I have a group Healthy Living 2017 or Jodi Redcay Price; Instagram JodiPrice55.